Magazine Reporting



Special Terms and condition for Magazine Reporting / Paper Reporting competition participants

  1. The aim of this competition is to test your ability on reporting skills in journalism.
  2. We will show you a video during the competition. This video will be played 3 times.
  3. during the 1st play – you should just watch it. Not allowed to take any notes
  4. during 2nd play – you will be allowed to take short notes to produce your report
  5. during 3rd play – you still can take short notes whilst verifying your previous notes
  6. Competition time starts once video has played 3 times.
  7. You will have 45 mins to complete your reporting
  8. During this 45 mins writing time, you can only refer to your draft notes taken during the 2nd and 3rd play.
  9. You must handover all the written papers to the NCC coordinator soon after you complete your report or at the end of this competition.
  10. No marks will be given for the draft work. Only your final report will be taken consideration for the marking

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Group 4 & 5