Oratory Competition
National Youth Competition 2020

Special Term for Oratory competition participants

  1. Oratory competitors should prepare themselves in advance and present their speech facing and attending the audience during the competition, they will not be allowed to use any mobile phone, Laptop or any other electronic device.
  2. In order to maintain the natural standards and for a quick reference, children doing oratory competition may have some key points in a bullet format on a small piece of paper in their hand during their speech, Judges or Examiners will check this piece of paper before each competitor starts his/her speech, these points can be as follows
  • Maximum of 7 bullet points
  • Each bullet line can have maximum of 5 words
  • Bullet points can only contains English words
  • This script is purely to improve the structure of your speech delivery. Please use it appropriately.

Oratory Topics and Descriptions

Group 4:

Al Quran uses various attributes/names of Allah to suite the purpose/concept of each ayah. Chose at least three verses from Al Quran and demonstrate your understanding in Allah (swt) choosing those specific attributes/names.

Time Group 4:  6-8 Mins


Group 5 & 6 (girls only):

Electronic screen addition is booming a serious concern in public health. Explain your view on this and any solutions

Time Group 5 (girls only): 7-9 Mins 


Note: Group 5 & 6 boys should choose Khutbah competition

Marking Criteria


• Starting
• Dress Code
• Greeting
• Stage Confidence
• Good starting
Content, Compliance with Heading Logical order with Examples & Good analogy Body Language  Eye contact Hand moving Finishing
Max 8 Marks Max 40 Marks Max 25 Marks Max 25 Marks Max 2 Marks