Qirath 2020



Group 4

Surah 80 – 88 (Qari Style)

Group 5

Surah  74 – 82 (Qari Style)

Special Term/information for QIRATH competition participants

  1. For Qirath competition children should memorise all the suras listed to their group, they will be requested to recite by the judges/supervisors randomly on any Sura listed.
  2. Children will be assessed on Memory, Recitation and Thajweed.
  3. Judges or Examiners will decide how many suras they request to recite within the maximum time limit given.
  4. Children may or may not be asked to recite the full sura, they may be stopped by the judgers at any point when and where the Judgers feel the right time.
  5. Contestant must deliver their prepared Qirath in no more than 5 minutes
  6. The use of notes or prop are not permitted
  7. Qirath must be delivered in Arabic Language
  8. Dress appropriately for the day of your Qirath
  9. Contestants may not use any form of electronic/digital data gathering, receiving and/or transmitting equipment.


The following areas will help you to score more points.

  • Dress Code ( Neatness)
  • Greeting
  • Stage confidence
  • Good starting
  • Following Thajweedh ( Makhraj, kalkala..)
  • Beauty of recitation – Rhythm of the Qirath (Gunna, Maddu..)
  • Memorisation
  • Finishing

Contestant must score minimum 50 points to secure a winning place.

Marking Criteria


• Starting
• Dress Code
• Greeting
• Stage Confidence
• Good starting
Thajweed, Makhraj Qalqala Rhythm        Gunna           Maddu Memorisation Finishing
Max 8 Marks Max 25 Marks Max 15 Marks Max 50 Marks Max 2 Marks